Get funding

NSF EPSCoR now requires that ALL supported projects be aligned with the current themes of KY NSF EPSCoR research. Applicants must submit a statement relating proposed work current KY NSF EPSCoR research thrusts.

The areas of work KY NSF EPSCoR can support will be interpreted broadly, but applicants must be able to show a clear, direct, and convincing connection to our research thrusts. Extra consideration will be given to projects that more closely align to our annual goals and objectives.

For RA applicants, this will require showing how proposed work will directly support the research activities of the main thrusts.

For URE and EI proposals, this requires that the students supported will be involved in any of:

  • additive manufacturing of embedded devices,
  • robotics and human-machine interface, or
  • synthetic biology and plant-based materials

All K-12 activities, EOC and M-G awards, the proposed activity must relate to:

  • additive manufacturing
  • sensing,
  • robotics, or
  • plant-based materials

Education, Outreach, and Communication

Funding to support STEM education, outreach and communication events and activities. Apply as an individual or an institution.

Research Award

Faculty seed-funding for new or existing research projects with the goal of enabling future proposal applications submitted to NSF. No UK or UofL applications are accepted but collaboration with these institutions is encouraged.


A rapid response program intended to support emerging research topics in Kentucky.

EPSCoR Internship

Funding to support internships at science or tech companies with an operating presence in Kentucky.

Undergraduate Research Experience

Funding for faculty-mentored research projects supporting underrepresented undergrad students in STEM fields.

Mini-Grants for STEM Outreach

Funding for URM-serving STEM programs to support collaboration, address gaps and overlaps in service, and share exemplary practices. Apply as an individual or an institution.

Project proposals should be submitted electronically as a single, merged PDF document to