Posters-at-the-capitol returns!

Posters-at-the-Capitol (P@C) is a one-day, annual event held to educate Kentucky State Legislators on of the importance of undergraduate research. KY NSF EPSCoR discoveries impact many issues that affect our economy both stateside and globally, and P@C helps to increase understanding of the important role undergraduate research among those responsible for higher education funding (Kentucky’s Cabinet for Economic Development provides $500,000 to KY NSF EPSCoR’s KAMPERS project annually). 

P@C 2022 will be Thursday, March 3, 2022, 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. eastern, with special remarks in the Capitol Building Rotunda at 3:30 p.m. Each eligible KAMPERS institution ( UKY, UofL, Morehead, EKU, WKU, and KSU ) can include up to 8 posters, each with up to two representing students. KY NSF EPSCoR strongly encourages our undergraduate participants to submit an abstract by Wednesday, December 15, 2021 to be eligible for P@C 2022. 

Steps to get you started 

  • Step 1 Register on P@C website (create a new account if you have never submitted to P@C before)
  • Step 2 – To submit an abstract, go HERE and click on “Submit to Posters-at-the-Capitol” in the menu on the left under Author Corner. 



  • Posters-at-the-Capitol requires abstracts to be no more than 300 words. An abstract is a concise statement of the major elements of a research project and/or scholarly work. It should contain an introduction; a purpose, objective or hypothesis; results of the project if it is complete; and conclusions drawn from what was learned. Abstracts should be written in past tense (with the understanding that at the time of submission your work may still be in progress). Avoid technical jargon and define all abbreviations. Use of the term “we” is appropriate, rather than “I”.
  • Posters-at-the-Capitol requires all projects to have results to show. In other words, research projects that are in progress and do not yet have any results, will not be accepted.
  • References are NOT included in an abstract. Be sure the abstract is:
    • Complete: Covers all major parts of the project
    • Concise: No excess or unnecessary information
    • Clear: Is readable and well organized
    • Cohesive: Flows smoothly and is grammatically sound


Get started on the P@C website: